Car Loans for Casual Employees

Been knocked back by the bank for a car loan because of casual or short-term employment? CarStart may be able to help.

At CarStart we understand that not everyone is employed on a full time basis or has been with the same employer for a decade.

We believe that people that have the capacity to service a secured car loan should deserve a chance to be considered to borrow. We look at your current employment status and repayment capacity and not just at your employment and credit history.

If you are looking to buy and finance a car for ride sharing purposes as a job on the side, we welcome your application.  

No Deposit Car Loans Fast

Get your next car as hassle-free as can be. Our quick loan application process for no deposit` car loans up to $20,000 can see you drive away as soon as the same day. 

How it works

Bad Credit History? OK.

Customers with a bad credit history can get a second chance without compromising on quality cars. Trade in your old vehicle and add insurance with our finance solution.

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